550 Paracord Type III 7 Strand

550 Paracord is a nylon rope originally used in World War II as suspension lines for parachutes, hence it’s name “Para-cord”. It has since become a staple bug out bag item amongst survivalists.

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  • Paracord is especially robust, lightweight and strong for it’s size, with a breaking strength of 550lbs.
  • Since Paracord is “kernmantle” rope, it can be cut open to reveal 7 smaller inner strands (the kern). Each foot of paracord provides 7 feet of inner strands in addition to the outer sheath (the mantle).
  • The inner strands are fine enough that they can be used for smaller tasks like fishing and sewing.
  • Paracord dries quickly, resists mold, mildew, rot, abrasion, and tangling, and won’t fade in UV sunlight.
  • Paracord can be woven into bracelets and necklaces, applied to knives and gear (to increase grip), used for shelter building, traps & snares and more.
  • Made by certified U.S. government contractors and manufactured in the USA.

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