Survival Sewing & Repair Kit - Best Glide

Maintain and repair your clothing and bug out bag on the go.

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Contents of the Best Glide Survival Sewing and Repair Kit:

  • (1) MILSPEC 5 x 4 Aloksak Bag
  • (1) 2 3/4” x 1/2“ Needle Holder
  • Bonded Kevlar Thread, 50 lbs test
  • Brass Repair Wire
  • Type 1A Mil-Spec Utility Cord
  • Duct Tape (Made in the USA)
  • (1) 3” x 4” Durable Waterproof Patch
  • (2) Commercial Grade Cable Ties
  • (1) Military Approved Derma Safe Knife
  • (2) #7 Needle
  • (2) #18 Darner Needle
  • (1) #16 Darner Needle
  • (4) Heavy Duty Straight Pins
  • (6) Assorted Buttons
  • (6) Assorted Safety Pins
  • (1) Thread – #69 Heavy Duty
  • (1) Needle Threader
  • (1) Metal Thimble
  • (1) Fresnel Lens Magnifier

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