ESEE Junglas 10" Survival Knife with Kydex Sheath

The Esee Junglas is an excellent large survival knife. It has a machete-sized full tang blade, and a thick spine for batoning wood. It’s a good alternative to a hatchet for those who prefer knives.

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Over the years the legendary ESEE Junglas has garnered a reputation for being one of the top large survival knives.

The ESEE company is well known and respected in military and law enforcement circles, and their knives are actively used in Afghanistan, Iraq and other combat zones.

A blade of this size is well suited to larger survival tasks such as shelter building and fire wood processing (via batoning) but could still be used for some woodcrafing.

  • The ESEE Junglas has a massive 3/16″ thick, full tang, powder coated, 1095 high carbon steel blade.
  • A pommel protrudes from the back of the handle making for easy hammering/batoning without damaging the Micarta handle.
  • It comes with an extremely robust military grade ambidextrous Kydex & Cordura nylon sheath, that would normally cost upwards of an additional $100 alone (but is included).
  • The sheath has a simple locking mechanism to hold the knife in place, and a drainage hole at the bottom.
  • The sheath is loaded with grommets that can be used as paracord tie off points so you can strap around your leg, or use the MOLLE nylon rows on the back side to attach to your MOLLE compatible bug out bag.
FAQ: “Does the 1095 Carbon steel blade of the Junglas rust?”

While these blades are treated with a powder coated finish, the blade is still made of carbon steel and therefore the blade edge and laser engraving will still rust if not cared for properly. ESEE recommends a dry film rust preventative such as Sentry Solutions Marin Tuf-Cloth.

FAQ: “What is full tang?”

A full tang blade is where the metal of the blade extends all the way through the handle of the knife.

Cheaper knives use a partial tang—terminating partway through the handle—and if the handle breaks it’s virtually useless.

A full tang blade is essential in a survival scenario because even if the handle breaks you can just wrap the tang in cordage or fashion a new handle out of wood to keep it going.

Watch this video review of the ESEE Junglass after a year of use by Gideons Tactical.

ESEE Junglas Knife Pommel
ESEE Junglas Knife Pommel

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