Four Dog 1.8L “Mors” Camp Pot + Lid

The favoured pot of legendary wilderness instructor Mors Kochanski, author of the “Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival” Book.

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The man behind the pot

We saw Mors Kochanski speak about his pot and his “The More You Know, The Less You Carry” philosophy to survival at one of his presentations. He teaches that, with the right skillset and mindset, we can live in the wilderness with this pot and just a handful of survival items that fit inside.


The classic shape of the Mors 1.8L pot has said to have been around for 50 years. The pot is anodized black, because according to Mors a black pot will heat water faster and with half the fuel consumption. He also states this pot will last a lifetime of use.


Other survival applications according to Mors Kochanski include: melting snow for water, boiling water, measuring liquids as well as carrying liquids. Hot water is important to keep accessible because it is best assimilated by the body. The pot also functions as a digging tool that is “more effective than a spade or sharp stick“, according to Mors. The pot has a 7 cup capacity, which Mors says is the ideal amount of water for “starting the day off right” in the wilderness.

The Lid

The lid fits snug to reduce spills and scalding and contains a wire ring knob so the lid can be picked up with a stick, can be tied down so it won’t get lost, and also lays flat so it won’t get in the way during transport.

Watch a clip where Mors speaks about his pot along with his “2 kilo survival kit” from the official Four Dog Youtube channel:

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