US Army 4 Piece Modular Sleep System (MSS)

The legendary, multi-layered, military sleeping bag made for the extreme cold. Features synthetic fill that stays warm even when wet, and a breathable waterproof Gore-Tex bivvy. An all-around excellent survival sleeping bag.

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars
Highly recommended especially for winter bug out bags.

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We’ve tested the warmth and toughness of these previously issued 4 piece sleep systems over the years in some the coldest winters, and we love it so much each family member now has one.

Mix & Match

It’s an incredibly “modular” system as the name suggests, including: 1 lighter “Patrol” sleeping bag, 1 heavier “Cold Weather” sleeping bag, and a “Gore-Tex Bivy” shell to top it off, so you can mix and match as weather permits.

When all 3 bags are used together the system is rated to provide 4 hours sleep at -40° F (-40º C).

For maximum warmth in an extended winter survival situation, we recommending coupling with the ECWCS GEN III Level 7 Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System which is said to potentially provide a combined warmth down to -50º F (-45º C).

What’s Included
  • Patrol Bag
  • Cold Weather Bag
  • Goretex Bivy Bag
  • Stuff sack
Weight & Size
  • Combined weight: 11 lbs
  • Combined compression size: 1 cu. ft.

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars


We’re extremely impressed with the MSS bag and highly recommend it.

FAQ: “Why choose the US Army Sleep System over the Canadian Arctic Down Sleep System?”

Both are great! We prefer the US MSS over the The Canadian Arctic Down Sleep System because it uses down fill which unfortunately does not preserve insulating qualities when wet. Yes, it is a “waterproof” sleeping bag, but that won’t protect against punctures that could lead to soaking the fill, rendering it useless. The US Army Sleep System is synthetic which is known to stay warm even when wet, which we would highly recommend in a survival scenario.

FAQ: “Why does mine look different than the pictures?”

Depending on the seller colors may vary between the original black/green/Woodland color schemes and the newer greys/UCP color schemes. Not to worry, aside from colors the Patrol bag, Coldweather bag and Bivvy are still absolutely identical. We’ve even tested both ourselves and they are completely interchangeable.

Watch this informative video review on the MSS from James Yeager, MFCEO of the Tactical Response training company (mature language warning).

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