US Regional Foraging Series Books

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Nature’s bounty: delicious, free, and at your doorstep! That’s the thinking behind this excellent series of books on foraging in the United States. These guides are sold separately and each one is written by an expert on the edible plants of that particular region.

Superbly detailed yet easy to read, they take us through the basics of foraging, leaving the reader not just able to identify edible plants, but to also know when and how to harvest them responsibly.

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The guides contain much practical information such as the section on how to create a Harvesting & Preservation Kit, so that the reader is properly equipped on their expeditions. The section on seasonal foraging provides equally indispensable information on what to forage for in each given season of the year.

Within the series you’ll also find excellent tips for preparation and preservation of the plants, enabling you to truly appreciate how delicious wild edibles are as you incorporate them into your daily meals.

These books have many glowing reviews and are highly recommended reading for novices and more experienced foragers alike!

As always, utmost care should be used when consuming wild foods, no one book should be relied upon: always seek expert advice and only consume wild plants when you are completely certain of their safety.



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