Where There Is No Dentist by Murray Dickson

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Murray Dickson’s ‘Where There Is No Dentist’ is the essential counterpart to the acclaimed medical guide ‘Where There Is No Doctor’. Also aimed at those living without access to professional medical care, it explicitly instructs how to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of dental problems.

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Part one of the book covers the fundamental aspects of dental health, such as diet and hygiene practises, along with a focus on educating other members of the community with a special focus on school children.

Part two covers the treatment of a wide range of common dental problems, such as the treatment of cavities and loose teeth, scaling, injections and fillings, as well as more serious issues such as tumours and cancer. There is also a whole chapter on the specific dental issues relating to HIV.

Useful appendices include a list of medicines and instruments needed, suggested retailers for supplies and even a section on making your own instruments at low cost.

Where There Is No Dentist is full of indispensable and practical information conveyed in easy to understand terms, making it an essential guide for anyone needing to take dental care literally into their own hands.



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