Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival Book by Mors Kochanski

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A comprehensive book on Canadian survival living, written by one of Canada’s most distinguished wilderness instructors. “The more you know, the less you carry.” ―Mors Kochanski

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This book is full of practical, comprehensive and clear instruction on northern survival living. Many survival books tend to copy old survival techniques and drawings from each other, but this is refreshingly original and authentic.

It’s full of survival concepts we’ve not seen anywhere before, all written and hand drawn in detail by the author himself. It’s clear that Mors Kochanski writes from personal first-hand, lived-in experience.

Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival contains many illustrations for making shelters, procurement of plants and animals, fire starting, knife & axe best practices, tree & wood processing, outdoor food preparation, winter survival, safety, first aid and more. If you only got one book for Canadian outdoor living let it be this one.

  1. Chapter 1: Firecraft
    • Fire-Lighting
    • Ignition
    • Establishment
    • Applications
    • Maintenance and Moderation
    • Choosing a Safe Fire Site
    • Methods of Suspending Pots
    • Outdoors Cooking
  2. Chapter 2: Axecraft
    • The Bush Axe
    • Tree Felling
  3. Chapter 3: Knifecraft
    • The Bush Knife
  4. Chapter 4: Sawcraft
    • The Saw and Axe
  5. Chapter 5: Bindcraft
    • Cordage Techniques
  6. Chapter 6: Sheltercraft
    • Shelter concepts
  7. Chapter 7: The Birches
    • The Paper Birch
    • The Alders
  8. Chapter 8: The Conifers
    • White Spruce
    • Black Spruce
    • Tamarack
    • Jack and Lodgepole Pine
    • Balsam and Subakpine Fir
  9. Chapter 9: The Willows
    • The Poplars
    • Quaking Aspen
    • Black Poplar
    • The Willows
  10. Chapter 10: The Shrubs
    • Silver Willow
    • The Saskatoon
    • Red Osier Dogwood
    • The Ribbed Basket Forms
  11. Chapter 11: The Moose
    • The Majestic Beast
  12. Chapter 12: The Varying Hare
    • They Key provider

Watch this thorough book review and walkthrough by survivalist Chad of the Envirosponsible Youtube Channel:  (old book cover, same book)


We met Mors Kochanski in person at a function a few years ago. His demonstrated the simplicity of his “The more you know, the less you carry” approach to survival.

He believes that with a high level of skill and experience we can reduce our survival gear down to only a few essentials, namely: a good knife, a pot (Mors Camp Pot), a packable jacket, an axe, cordage, and an optional saw.

Then outside, we were shown his famous “Mors Super Shelter”—an excellent winter survival shelter design that uses branches, tarp, cordage and a mylar blanket to catch the heat of a nearby fire and bounce your own body heat back to you. Worth checking out.

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